KT (katyism) wrote in btongraffiti,

I always wanted an excuse to share the grafitti pictures I planned on taking. So far I've only taken a few amateur photos on my outdoor excursions. I took a picture of a Dogpiss tag because it was amusing... he keeps tagging the walls of this bridge, they keep painting over it, and he tags again, and they paint over it, and so on. He's also tagged some electrical/gas meters on local houses, which I find amusing for some reason.

The bridge of repeated tagging.

Some random tagged unit hidden under a railroad bridge. There's tons of grafitti there, some is in the next pictures.

Directly under the tracks on one side of the bridge support.

Become a terrorist! Same side of the bridge support, there is this wall that you can use to climb up onto the railroad.

The opposite side of under the bridge. Notice the sleeping bag, beer bottles, "Sex is Life" and the cute 8-ball.

My favorite. This is nowhere near the railroad. It was taken on one of the stairways in the parking garage on 7th and College.
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