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Hey everyone, welcome to btongraffiti. Please read the info before posting, observe normal lj courtesies.

To kick off discussion, everyone post your favorite pieces of graffiti (be it a tag, stencil, whatever). Pictures are not necessary, but are nice. Maybe tell where you've seen it, or just describe it.

Also, what are your favorite places to go look at graffiti?
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My favorite really simple tag is the "enough." tag that i've seen around. I also like the "eat your broccoli" stencil by Bloomingfoods and lots of the stuff on the 3rd street train bridge.
They've painted over it but there was one on 3rd right after the 3rd to Atwater change... going west on third it was on the side of a building on the right...

Anyway, I don't remember much of it but they ran out of paint and wrote something to the effect of "... oh no I'm running out of...".

It was amusing.

I guess you had to be there.
haha, sounds neat.
I remember that.
I like(d) the Star Wars mural behind the Old National bank (I think it's ON, the one across from Athena, Uptown Cafe?) on Kirkwood. That whole alley system tends to have some nice grafiti.
My third favorite (see below for my first and second) was on the side wall just outside Vintage Phoenix for a long time. It was just scrawled there in black marker: "USE THE FORCE TO KILL COPS".

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there's a tag around my neck of the woods that says hindu...

my roomie and I sat out an old water heater to be taken to the trash... and in the few days it sat outside it was tagged by hindu...

i enjoyed that...
My second fave is long gone, though I got a picture of it; it was on that wall across from Vintage Phoenix and read "FREE SIDESHOW BOB" (with stencil of a sad-looking Bob Terwilliger behind bars above).

My all-time favorite showed up not long after I moved here in '90; it was briefly on the door to Bloomingfoods as well a few other places downtown, and consisted of just a badly lettered stencil that read "JESUS SOLD ME BAD ACID".

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i have a thing for stop sign graffiti, especially in this town. i wanted to wander around the neighborhood with the good camera last year, but all i managed to obtain were a measly four lazy treo photos, like:

(as stated, crap photos.. this one reads: "STOP HAMMER TIME" which made me giggle muchly.)
Thank god someone isn't using stop signs for political messages. The first few were clever, and the rest were just a waste of grabbed attention.
i'm really okay with people posting political messages on stop signs, too. :) art is wonderful, but it's not everything.
I saw one the other day that just said "STOP sign." I laughed pretty hard.
My favorite one of those was "STOP BEING LAME".

But that one's pretty good too.

eliazar }()+
The McDohl train yard on the south side of town.